Price Guide

The question we get asked the most here at HOTrugs is about pricing! Shocker right?! Who doesn’t want to double check that they’re getting the most bang for their buck. Afterall, rugs are a hefty investment, not to mention commitment.

Picking the right rug could mean 20-60 years of blissful marriage. Picking the wrong rug could mean money spent in repairs and could lead to a costly divorce with your vintage rug being carted off to Good Will! 

Let me start off with some advice, I wish someone would have told me. “Don’t be desperate, another better rug will come along.” HA! This sound piece of advice is taken from Joyce Ware’s book “The Official Price Guide on Oriental Rugs.” When you are first starting out looking for rugs, it’s hard to resist the onslaught of colors and rich history each rug offers. However fight the urge to buy, until you come across a rug you TRULY love. The goal here is to find a rug you can commit to for decades, not one you’ll throw out like last years cheap sweater. 

 If you have just landed here perusing our collection of rugs, first off, welcome! We are happy you are here. Please know that our primary goal has always been to educate our clients and prepare them with all the knowledge they need to confidently make a purchase they’ll be happy with. Research your rugs, the way you would a possible new car. However, unlike your new car, your rug will continue to accrue value if you select the right one! 

When you are pricing your possible new rug, remember this! Condition and age will always affect pricing! Remember the older the rug, the more the price will increase. A rug in good vintage or antique condition, will cost considerably more than anything brand new. However, the key factor is condition. If you don’t mind a bit of vintage patina, you could safely purchase an older rug with some wear for a cheaper price. 

Condition includes several factors that you’ll need to think about when considering price. If you come across any of these traits in the rug you’re contemplating, you should look to pay less, unless the rug falls into the antique category. Rebound or cut edges, missing fringes, holes, stains, bleeding dyes (vegetable or synthetic), painting to hide flaws and bad repairs. Though we want to honor the history of the rug, be sure you are paying a fair price that is taking these factors into consideration. 

Lastly always remember that pricing is dictated by the current market. Here in the US, rug prices is affected by worldwide demand, current trends, and even the value of the dollar.